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by superuser on June 16, 2018

Looking to streamline the transcription process at your organization?

Using a manual-only process leaves plenty of room for error,

and it can slow down your business.

That's why at VerbIT,

we've created a hybrid model of technology

that will significantly increase your speed and accuracy.

Our process consists of three layers.

First, our proprietary ASR ,

or Automated Speech Recognition technology

allows us to create a highly accurate transcript

in just minutes after the job gets submitted.

Then, it passes through our editors and reviewers.

In only a matter of minutes,

they'll ensure that the transcript

is more than 99 percent accurate and looks fully professional.

Finally, our technology gets taught mistakes

through our artificial intelligence layer,

and also gets fed with new data to provide context

and becomes trained on different accents and bad audio quality.

The result? An accurate transcript with speed.

To learn more about VerbIT, contact us today.




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