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by superuser on May 16, 2018

Ever need an internet service provider and been overwhelmed with all the different brands or which service to use? We’ve all been there and it’s safe to say that unless we have a specific bond with a particular company, what aids us in our choices is usually what kind of experience they provide.

In an industry where audio/video transcripts and closed captioning have become more and more necessary and popular, the technologies and methodologies of a company have become even more so important.

Verbit’s aim is pretty simple really – we aim to provide a video/audio transcripts and captioning solution which is accurate, cost effective, and efficient. We pride ourselves on offering these three main key components to our users in order to not only separate us from our competitors, but to also provide a solution with a effective and unique touch.

There is nothing more tedious than a process which is over complicated and time consuming like manually transcribing and audio file. The whole aim of video/audio transcripts and closed captioning is to create simplicity for those who require audio – text content.

Here at Verbit, we have conducted a three layer process in order to give all our users a simple hybrid model of technology. Here, we simultaneously provide the best accuracy in the market and the fastest turnaround time with the most cost effective prices.

Furthermore, we provide our customers’ content team the ability to  manage transcriptions from different channels, modify, monitor jobs as they are being performed and edit jobs (because context matters), which is something unique to Verbit.

All in all, Verbit's aim is to provide the best solution in closed captioning and transcription in order to suit the needs of our users in a unique way.

As previously highlighted, the transcribing and captioning process consists of a three layer process in order to accurately streamline the overall process. Here is an example of how it works:

  1. Proprietary ASR (Automated Speech Recognition) technology specifically trained for the domain of the customer. This layer enables us to have an extremely highly accurate transcript (90%) within minutes after each job is submitted to us. For 1 hour of audio/video, it takes 5 minutes to have an original transcript.
  2. When the technology transcript is completed, it goes through to our human layer divided in two separate elements: editors & reviewers. Each aim to make sure that the transcript is transferred into a professional transcript of more than 99% accuracy after a couple of minutes. Please note that we only accept the best transcribers (6% acceptance rate).
    (If needed, our technology will automatically align the text with the specific format for captioning.)
  3. The last of the three layer process is where the transcript is searched for any more mistakes or errors. This is conducted through our artificial intelligence layer which is also fed with new data to provide context and is trained on different accents.

Splitting the process into 3 separate layers enables Verbit to provide a quicker turnaround time and also increases the accuracy rate. The advances in Verbit's technology means that there are little to no limitations in regards to volume and sound quality. The technology is trained to pick up different accents.

What further separates us from competitors in the market is that our AI system is trained to understand various industries such as education, legal, medical, finance, enterprises, and more .

We have this advantage in order to provide the best solution possible and provide a unique user experience. We are always maximizing our capabilities to serve our clients with the best possible transcription results , speed and pricing.




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