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VerbIT: The Next-Generation Transcription Service for Educational Institutions

by superuser on May 16, 2018

99%+ Transcription Accuracy, Fast Turn-around Times at any Volume, Lowest Costs


Verbit's Specialization in the Education Field

VerbIT specializes in generating transcriptions for US-based and English speaking educational institutions. The company’s proprietary technology has been fine-tuned to address the specific needs of this field, in which accurate transcriptions and captions are critical for learning.

  • Disabled Student Programs: More than 20% of American students have a disability requiring assisted learning. By providing transcriptions, educational institutions help guarantee that disabled students are allowed the opportunity to acquire information and succeed just as abled students.
  • E-Learning: Transcriptions make it easier for remote students to comprehend video and audio materials. This is especially important where poor network connectivity might otherwise disadvantage students participating in online courses.

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that educational institutions make available transcriptions and/or closed captioning for course materials including lecture recordings and classroom videos. And FCC regulations require that captioning be at least 99% accurate to provide a full experiential auditory reality for people who are hard-of-hearing or non-hearing.

VerbIT’s Unique Offering

VerbIT combines cutting-edge transcription technology with top human transcribers in the education field to transcribe your audio and video content into text, quickly and accurately.

Regardless of what transcription vendor you have been using until now, VerbIT will deliver equivalent or better accuracy and service levels at competitive pricing.

Simply use the VerbIT web interface to upload your audio/video files, or connect your systems to VerbIT directly via API. VerbIT’s machine-learning technology and an A-team of transcriptions enable VerbIT to guarantee the highest level of accuracy, with the shortest turnaround times, at the lowest costs.

Your content teams will have online access to the VerbIT system, where they can easily review, modify and comment on the generated transcriptions. The system supports multiple user accounts with individual permission levels.


Contact us today to learn about how VerbIT’s Interactive Transcription Platform will make your organization more agile and efficient, while saving time and money.

Complete the form below or go to Verbit.ai to get started.


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