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VerbIT's Interactive Transcription and Captioning:  Features & Benefits

by superuser on May 16, 2018

Beyond the unparalleled transcription accuracy, turnaround time and pricing that VerbIT delivers, you will have access to web-based operations, management and editing platforms that go far beyond anything else available on the market, saving your organization extensive time and effort. Verbit is also a transcription company that handpicks transcribers from a market of 10's of thousands of transcribers (6% acceptance rate) from companies with professional transcription teams.

Manage All Operations Effectively

  • Flexible uploading using any format.
  • Customize job guidelines and flows (i.e. choose how you want to use the Verbit technology only, our editors and/or reviewers or both, depending on the level of accuracy you require).
  • Split job capabilities: VerbIT has developed an algorithm to split long files between transcribers to speed the delivery process without hurting accuracy.
  • We choose only the best transcribers: Transcriber get rankings and reviews.
  • Transcription fraud detection: When we provide transcripts to transcribers,  we monitor that the transcribers are doing their jobs accurately.
  • Automated captions: Our technology aims for accuracy and not just timestamps.
  • Flexible payment methods: We offer the ability to manage payouts from our platform using any payment method at your disposal.
  • And much more...

Advanced Interactive Transcription Editor

  • Monitor the progress of all transcription/captioning jobs in real time, and add inline comments.
  • Easily review and edit transcribed/captioned text alongside a full-featured, adjustable-speed audio/video player.
  • Bidirectional synchronization between text and audio/video.
  • Easily insert or remove audio/content video and re-sync caption timing.
  • Re-export transcription text and/or captioning files at any time.

Robust Admin Console for the End User (customer)

  • Create any number of users, each with their own permissions for viewing and editing.
  • Friendly project search by IDs, names, permissions, timestamps, content or “inaudible” marks.
  • Generate reports by minutes transcribed and amounts paid per job or per user.
  • Define automatic notifications.
  • Use the VerbIT API to automatically submit media and/or receive transcriptions.
  • Enjoy per-second billing (prorating) – no rounding to the nearest minute like other vendors do.


Contact us today to learn about how VerbIT’s Interactive Transcription Platform will make your organization more agile and efficient, while saving time and money.

Complete the form below or go to Verbit.ai to get started.





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