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by superuser on May 15, 2018

Online video services such as captioning and transcription have become more and more in demand, the market is saturated with many different companies and brands.

Verbit aim to bring the best service in video transcription and captioning, our services focus on 3 particular areas, these are accuracy, efficiency, and affordability. We strongly believe that,

“Transcription is one of the fastest growing legitimate jobs in the US. Transcription work can be a good choice for people who are retired or who want to earn extra income by utilizing their free time.”

Our specific focus areas are what separate us from alternate vendors. We strive to fulfill the customer needs – and in a world of transcriptions these are these core values are key. We believe having these at the forefront of our business mission we create a trusting long lasting relationship with our customers.

In today’s digital age who wants to deal with unnecessary complications which are time consuming and overall annoying. The main focal point of video transcripts and closed captioning is to provide an easier way of transcribing audio to text. After all this can be a daunting and time consuming process to say the least when done manually. Our aim is to provide a simple and effective solution.

Now, one of the most important things here is to understand how the Verbit platform works in order to identify the benefits.

Here at Verbit we have created a co-existing three layer process in order to give all of our users a simple hybrid model of technology. Our Technology, simultaneously provides the best pricing, the best accuracy in the market and the fastest turnaround time.

The simple hybrid consists of a three layer process which is used in order to accurately streamline the overall process. Listed below is an overview of how the three layer process works when in action:

  1.     Proprietary ASR (Automated Speech Recognition Technology) specifically trained for the domain of the customer. This layer allows us to have a highly accurate transcript (87%-95%) in minutes after job submission. For 1 hour of audio/video 5 minutes to have that first technology transcript
  2.      Once the technology transcript is ready it passes to our human layer divided into two stages: editors & reviewers. They will make sure the transcript becomes a professional transcript i.e. more than 99% accuracy after a couple of minutes. Just as a side note, we only accept the best transcribers (6% acceptance rate)
  3.      Once we have finished the transcript the technology is taught/improved by the mistakes entered through our artificial intelligence layer,this is also fed with new data to provide context and is training on different accents.

These three layers form a loop that allows our technology to become smarter and our transcripts more accurate, than the benchmark in the market.Our solution has no volume limitations, we can do whatever, whenever the customer asks for a job:

For online videos applying AI (Artificial Intelligence) to human powered transcription and captioning is an important aspect for various institutions and viewers.

Now that you have an idea of how the Verbit platform works, let's delve into the benefits and how it can help create an ease of use for our customers.

Making this a manual process and splitting it into 3 separate layers enables Verbit.ai to provide a quicker turnaround time for customers, and also helps to increase the accuracy rate. The key benefits here is that there is no room for unnecessary limitations.

For example, whilst attending a conference and listening to an important work presentation,you miss what has been said – transcriptions and captioning will give you the opportunity to go back and access the information later.  This is particularly beneficial to students during lectures where it may be hard to hear, this allows them to engage in the content more and at their own leisure

The design of Verbits Technology has enabled our platform to recognise speech data which may be hard to do manually due to sound effects, background noises, tones, etc. The speed of Verbit transcripts means that we have to split the jobs as our algorithms allow us to provide the best accuracy.

An important objective for us is to tackle the obstacles currently evident in the education field. This includes the current accessibility of online videos to students. One of our core values is to provide a unique experience for every customer. For this reason our technology has been specifically trained to pick up different accents, tones, and voices. This provides an advantage to students learning remotely who are not familiar with certain accents.

Modern technology is the norm and continues to expand – let's face it, it's not going anywhere any time soon! This has subsequently meant that people have had to alter their lifestyles in order to move with the times. Gone are the days where you need 5 years of schooling to obtain a short course certificate. Over the last couple of decades accessing content online has become increasingly popular, particularly in the field of education.

When discussing the impacts of online video transcribing and captioning in line with education, Ben Labrum, Senior Product Manager for Training On Demand at Oracle says that,

"It’s really cognitive reinforcement….so when you read it and when you hear it at the same time, it helps you remember better. For example, say we record an instructor in Atlanta, Georgia, and then there’s a person in India who’s used to a British accent. The student might not follow as well without captions. Captioning and transcripts add additional value."

Studies taken from Winsconsin university shows that 50% of students used transcripts as part of their studies.

In addition, there has also been an impact on the much younger generations. Studies show that students as young as preschool have reaped the benefits of perfecting their literacy skills. A study by Michigan State University concluded that:

“Captions are beneficial because they result in greater depth of processing by focusing attention, reinforce the acquisition of vocabulary through multiple modalities, and allow learners to determine meaning through the unpacking of language chunks.”

In terms of marketing – this creates a greater target audience spectrum.

An additional advantage on the Verbit platform is the domain recognition feature where it trains the system for every domain of its customers.  This is a powerful attribute because it aligns the context of the transcripts with the accurate terminology. This is a unique benefit to our customers.

Lastly, when it comes to our costing we try to put the needs and wants of our customers at the forefront of our service. We take pride in accuracy over price. In this particular instance the idea is to try to compete in regards to the complete solution (service+platform) we are providing, and try not to compete on pricing. Although we are competitive with our prices we try our best in offering a service to justify any given costs.

Whilst offering a cost effective service to our customers,we will always aim to create the best and most accurate content consistently.

As part of Verbit’s overall mission – we strive to create a unique experience for customers. This is reinforced by the level of accuracy we provide in our AI leveraged transcriptions and captions (our accuracy rate is 99%). As our main focus is in the education market it is crucial that any text transcribed with us is as accurate as possible.

Overall, Verbits cutting edge technology and simple platform is the ideal transcription and captioning service on the market. We can boldly and confidently acclaim that our accuracy, efficient, and low cost service is unique amongst the rest as we put the needs and wants of our customers at the core of our product. This is due to the fact that VerbIT’s machine-learning technology and A-team of transcriptionists enable VerbIT to guarantee the highest level of accuracy, with the shortest turnaround times.


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