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by superuser on May 16, 2018

Accessibility on video content is important in most areas of higher education and  it is important that institutions comply with regulatory standards set by ADA and section 508 of the rehabilitation act.

As universities increasingly utilize media assets including videos, audio, and narrated presentations – companies such as Verbit have become viable partners in helping maintain and improve their content, as well as assuring that institutions comply with regulatory standards. Verbit makes sure to comply with accuracy through AI powered human transcription.

Captioning and video transcribing has had a major positive impact on students, especially sensory disabled students. Not only does it make for a better learning experience – it can also be a key confidence booster allowing all students an equal chance of success.

Student bodies also show that students were happy and appreciated the fact they could print the text, read along with the media, and highlight relevant points as educators conducted presentation. 50% of students used the downloadable transcripts as part of their learning resources.

50% of students used the downloadable transcripts as part of their learning resources.

As well as aiding in students learning and study resources, the captioning and video transcripts content has also been used within marketing strategies. For example, creative marketing techniques include downloading the captioning and video transcripts of student interviews or testimonials. These transcripts are then turned into story-lines where quotes are then pulled and used to heighten SEO rankings – quite smart right?

This is also done in regards to any YouTube videos where captioning and transcripts from videos are pulled and used to rank even higher, increase accessibility, view ability, reach, and engagement.

The benefits of transcripts and captions are evident within student progression, marketing, digital marketing and social media marketing. Partnering with Verbit means that video transcripts and captioning is now a vital aspect of E-learning and the education of students with sensory disabilities.




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