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Audio and Video Transcription for Speech Engine Training

by superuser on May 16, 2018

High Accuracy Synchronized Video and Audio Transcription

Verbit has developed proprietary, cutting-edge transcription technology, powered by machine learning. Our value proposition is transcription at 99% accuracy level at the most competitive price-points with an SLA-guarantee of fast turn-around time at any volume.

How is that possible?

We use a hybrid of domain-adapted speech technology to generate high accuracy transcription of domain specific terms, and optimal human oversight by world class transcribers.

Verbit provides seamless connectivity through simple links, APIs, or cloud based services.

For Speech Engine Training

  • High accuracy time-stamping for audio segmentation - Force Alignment
  • High-resolution sound annotation - music, laughter, foreign, speaker-change, stutters, coughs, false starts, gender identification, etc..
  • Custom verbatim annotation formats
  • Experience in segmenting and annotating thousands of hours for training for top-tier customers

Advantages of using Verbit:

  • Advanced web customer interface
    • online fixing and commenting of transcriptions in our optimized editor
    • friendly job search
    • option for multiple users per org, each with their own permissions for viewing and editing
  • Minimal integration effort on client side
    • friendly connectivity for sending and receiving all kind of audios or videos
    • high quality AI-assisted transcription
    • domain terminology dictionary available for different types of content
    • transcription passes through multiple human layers before submission to client
    • output of synced transcription that enables file synced search
  • Best offering in market as far with turnaround time and price
    • hybrid speech recognition and human review makes us more efficient 

Contact us today to learn about how VerbIT’s Interactive Transcription Platform will make your organization more agile and efficient, while saving time and money.

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