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Indicative Case Study: “VerbIT Saves us a Lot of Time!”

by superuser on May 16, 2018

Indicative is a behavioral analytics platform for marketing and product teams to understand their customers’ behavior across the entire customer journey. Founded by serial entrepreneurs, Jeremy Levy and Andrew Weinreich, Indicative helps companies grow their customer base and build great products.

Indicative’s Transcription Needs

Indicative’s founders regularly speak with thought leaders in different industries and produce podcasts discussing how data is used to make decisions, grow businesses and transform industries. Indicative needs fast and accurate transcriptions of these podcasts in order to post them on their blog, alongside their podcast audio.

Why Indicative Chose VerbIT

Esmeralda Martinez, Head of Business Development at Indicative, explains that because doing these transcriptions internally was very time consuming and the automatic transcription software the company tried was not accurate enough, they looked to outsource the transcribing to an external vendor.

She says she chose VerbIT because of the company’s super-fast turn-around time, the naming of each speaker throughout the transcriptions, and VerbIT’s web interface.

“VerbIT’s online platform really helps us track and manage the transcription proces,” Martinez explains. “While we are listening to the podcast, we can follow along on the website with the words and the time, which makes it very easy to go to a specific spot and listen to it while reading the transcription.”

Indicative Saves Time with VerbIT

“The VerbIT platform provides complete visibility into the project throughout the transcription process, which is helpful,” says Martinez. “VerbIT is really fast, but even during short project durations, it is helpful to see what stage the process is in.”

In conclusion, Martinez says, “We really like how easy VerbIT has made it for us to transcribe our podcasts and it has significantly accelerated our release of each new podcast. VerbIT saves us a lot of time!”

About VerbIT

VerbIT combines cutting-edge transcription technology with top human transcribers to transcribe audio and video content into text, quickly and accurately.

Simply use the VerbIT web interface to upload your audio/video files, or connect your systems to VerbIT directly via API. VerbIT’s machine-learning technology and A-team of transcribers enable VerbIT to guarantee the highest level of accuracy, with the shortest turnaround times, at the lowest costs.

Contact us today to learn about how VerbIT is helping leading institutions and corporations of all kinds improve their content, meet regulatory requirements and save time, while slashing their transcription budget.



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