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by superuser on June 16, 2018

The following are some main issues that you

face in the transcription and captioning market,

and how to tackle them and use them to your advantage.

One is accuracy.

This depends on a few factors.

For example, in education,

there are thousands of subjects,

with hundreds of different terminologies

that are unknown to people unfamiliar with each subject.

VerbIT's AI Technology trains the system for every customer's domain.

Plus, it has already been trained to help transcribers,

providing them with the context of transcripts with the right terminology.

Another factor is accents.

In the US specifically there are many teachers

with accents that are hard to understand.

Luckily, VerbIT's AI Technology is trained for different accents.

Another issue that you probably face is turn-around Times.

Thanks to our mix of technology and expert staff,

we don't have volume limitations.

Our transcripts get done very quickly,

as we have algorithms that can provide the best accuracy at record-breaking speed.

The third issue is visibility.

Customers are blind to the transcription process.

A solution allows the customers to manage

the transcription jobs from all their content platforms,

and monitor the jobs while we're doing them.

Our viewer mode allows them to download drafts at any time,

as well as a complete editor platform when needed.

Finally, customers with more than ten thousand minutes are

seeking solutions that will be part of the organization workflow.

VerbIT ensures you an enterprise ready solution

through user management, API and many other platform functionalities.

Contact us today.




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