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Time Money and Energy: The Benefits of Legal Transcriptions

by Verbit on June 19, 2018

Legal departments and law offices worldwide are starting to pick up on the benefits of outsourced transcription. With the advancement of technology in all realms, there is always a better way to do things. Although it may seem practical to hire an in-house transcriptionist, the fact of the matter is that in the twenty-first century, it is all but practical.

Of course, when it comes to legal matters, the human touch is crucial. Understanding a language is not a skill that machines are 100% accurate at doing. When legal teams hear about transcription services, they worry about handing over transcription to a machine, and that's where they're wrong. Transcription services use a mixture of the human touch alongside cutting-edge AI technology. Together they're accomplishing more accurate work and at high speed. It is the most practical solution at all that has been proven to save legal teams time, money and energy. Here's Exactly how:

Transcription services can be used during claims interviews, Depositions and hearings, legal document translations, administrative documents and more. It’s no debate; transcription services directly benefit law practices and corporate teams, and here’s how:



Transcription services such as Verbit combine human power and AI technology while creating files. Often a transcriptionist can make mistakes and misunderstand what’s being said (a mistake a legal team cannot afford). Transcription services are more reliable than a single human’s ability to hear what’s being said in a room full of people and background noise. For example, Verbit’s transcriptions review and check their files multiple times before they're an approved and sent.

Verbit's Cutting Edge Technology has its own top of the line recording speech recognition technology that is specifically developed for legal domain. One hour of a recording takes as little as five minutes to transcribe.

Next a professional transcriber reviews the files and makes corrections where they are needed. A transcription reaches as to a level of 99% accuracy and then is sent to a second transcriber to bring the transcription file to 100% accuracy before getting approved.



Lawyers and attorneys are of the professionals who know just how crucial time is as their work may heavily rely on it. For example; There are times when attorneys have to read through a truckload of evidence within a specific time frame. That is why it's highly important and beneficial to use a transcription service that will get the job done as quickly as possible. When they’re using a transcription service that can transcribe an hour of a recording in as little as five minutes, the stress to get through the evidence file is greatly reduced.


Qualified and Handy

Outsourcing the work to transcription services get rid of a headache that comes with finding and hiring a transcriptionist. Not only must he or she have all the basic requirements to be a transcriptionist, they must also be someone who is trustworthy. Transcription services are prepared for the legal conditions under which they provide their service and have technology that is specifically developed for the legal system. Not to mention an ever learning AI technology that will only get better in time. The investment of time and money in a single transcriptionist simply does not compare to that of an outsourced transcription service. The outsource service wins every time.

In addition to being qualified and trustworthy, outsourced transcription services don't take off sick or vacation days. When a specific legal matter needs to be had, a transcription service will 100% be accessible and ready with a team of transcriptionists. This accessibility lowers the chances that a legal matter will have to be moved to another date and or time at the last minute. Lawyers and attorneys can feel confident and depend on the fact that this part of their operation is completely reliable.



Legal transcription services securely and digitally keep all transcribed files. The freedom that comes with having digital transcriptions allows lawyers to exchange important information through an online network at ease.

Files securely go from one location to the next in a short amount of time. As opposed to hard copied transcriptions, the digital form can be fixed and touched up if need be. Not to mention, hard copies are more likely to get destroyed, tampered with, and lost. Digital files can also be easily organized in a way that clear and simple for everyone. When it comes to confidentiality, and the need to keep files in good shape, the digital way is best.





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