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Udacity Case Study: “VerbIT has been a huge win for our team.”

by superuser on May 16, 2018

Udacity, the online school started by Google X founder and self-driving car pioneer Sebastian Thrun, is a leader in the online learning space. The company is dedicated to democratizing education on a global scale and offers world-class higher education opportunities to millions of students around the world.

Udacity’s Transcription and Captioning Needs

Udacity produces all of its course content internally, and generates 10-20 hours of video content every week. The company adds captions to all of this video content, both for the benefit of the hearing-impaired and to make learning easier for students who are better able to absorb the material when they can read the words being spoken while listening to them.

Kimberly Dryden, Senior Managing Producer at Udacity, manages a team of 34 people all involved in  visual media. “Our most important need is accuracy, followed by turn-around time with a smooth process flow,” Dryden explains. “I began seeking a new transcription and captioning vendor because our former one experienced long turn-around times, accuracy problems and highly-variable quality. Our team was wasting a lot of time reviewing and editing the captions.”

Udacity Discovers VerbIT

“I actually heard about VerbIT from someone on my team and I decided it was worth a look,” continues Dryden. “At first, I was skeptical about the artificial intelligence aspect because my experience with machine transcription software has not been terrific. However, I was quickly impressed with the quality of the automatic translation, even before VerbIT’s team of human transcribers polished our trial video captions to perfection.”

How Udacity Uses VerbIT

Udacity has integrated its internal content management system (CMS) with VerbIT, allowing the content product team to request video captioning with a single click.

For video content other than course materials, such as marketing videos, Udacity staff can easily submit YouTube video links using VerbIT’s online system to add captioning without needing to go through the company’s CM system.

Furthermore, Udacity can link their YouTube channels with VerbIT to get automatic transcription and captioning of every video with no end-user involvement required.

In conclusion, Dryden says, “VerbIT has been a huge win for our team, because it’s faster, incredibly accurate and, on top of everything else, it’s cheaper. All around, it’s been a huge success for us.”

About VerbIT

VerbIT combines cutting-edge transcription technology with top human transcribers to transcribe audio and video content into text, quickly and accurately.

Simply use the VerbIT web interface to upload your audio/video files, or connect your systems to VerbIT directly via API. VerbIT’s machine-learning technology and A-team of transcribers enable VerbIT to guarantee the highest level of accuracy, with the shortest turnaround times, at the lowest costs.

Contact us today to learn about how VerbIT is helping leading institutions and corporations of all kinds improve their content, meet regulatory requirements and save time, while slashing their transcription costs.



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